Is Your Disinfection Cabinet Really a Decoration?

In January 1988, Canbo invented the disinfection cabinet. It is a healthy electrical appliance. There is an XDR53-TVC1, which is small but still maintains the two-star antivirus standard. 125 ℃ can effectively kill a variety of pathogens. The 53 L capacity can basically meet the needs of a family of four people.

There are many people who think that the household disinfection cabinet is a decoration. Most people regard it as a cupboard after buying the disinfection cabinet. Can it really only act as a cupboard? Of course not.

Most of the time, you will feel that the disinfection cabinet in your home cannot play its own role. Most of these disinfection cabinets are low-grade products. It cannot play the role of disinfection and drying. It consumes a lot of power. Not seeing bacteria does not mean they do not exist. The germs attached to tableware are invisible to our naked eyes. Not many people can think that unclean tableware lead to diarrhea. Can you think of the disinfection cabinet that has been used as a cupboard for a long time?

We can actually detect many kinds of microbial chlamydia and viruses. Sharing tableware that is not cleaned will cause mutual transmission in the family. It is important to clean and disinfect tableware.

Many people think it is enough to disinfect bowls and chopsticks at high temperature. Novel coronavirus pneumonia needs more than 56 degrees Celsius. It lasts for 30 minutes. Common germs are stubborn. They cannot disappear without disinfection cabinets.

In fact, the biggest function of the disinfection cabinet is to store tableware. The dishes and chopsticks that have just been washed are all wet. Bacteria are the easiest to breed at this time. The medium-temperature drying function of the disinfection cabinet can keep tableware dry for a long time. It can destroy the environment for bacterial growth. Finally, it can ensure that the amount of bacteria will be minimized when you use tableware again. The initial cleaning and disinfection process of tableware is the most important.

Others think that disinfection cabinets is problematic. This is a misunderstanding of disinfection cabinets. Sterilization is carried out with a disinfection cabinet. It can dry after sterilization. The plate will be in a dry environment. The water stains on the lower corner will dry. This effect is good. It can well avoid humidity. It checks the environment. When the temperature and humidity reach a certain level, it will start disinfection. The drying process will last for a long time. There is no need to wash dishes after returning from a long trip.

Do you still think your disinfection cabinet is useless? Use it quickly.

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