How to Choose a Suitable Home Coffee Machine?

When your new home is built to a certain extent, you must have more needs. You must hope that you can drink a cup of coffee that suits your taste at home. Having a home coffee machine not only satisfies your appetite, but also improves the style of your home. So how do you choose a home coffee machine that is suitable for you?

First of all, you should make clear your favorite coffee taste. Different coffee machine can produce coffee with different tastes according to different production methods. When choosing, you are sure whether you need a fully automatic or semi-automatic coffee machine. The full-automatic coffee machine includes the automatic control of the whole coffee machine. The semi-automatic coffee machine is only suitable for ground coffee powder, and water needs to be added manually. However, compared with the fully automatic coffee machine, the semi-automatic coffee machine is cheaper.

You can choose some coffee machines that can automatically turn on the switch by setting the time. The case of the coffee machine is preferably made of stainless steel. It is more convenient to clean. If it is a plastic shell, try to choose black. Black is very stain-resistant. It doesn't matter even if it is inconvenient to clean. If there are more people in the family, it is better to select more and thinner water holes. There are at least 9 holes. Generally speaking, the more demand, the higher the price of the coffee machine!

What are the types of coffee machines?

Household coffee machines mainly include American coffee machines, capsule coffee machines, Italian coffee machines, hand flushing pots, French pressing pots, etc. The drip coffee machine is most suitable for friends who like American coffee. This is a common drop filter. Its operation is very simple. You should add the required amount of water to the water tank. You should put the filter paper into the funnel-shaped filter. Then you should put the ground coffee powder into the filter paper, and press the power switch.

Italian coffee machines are divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic. Semi-automatic requires a bean grinder to grind coffee powder. You can put the ground coffee powder into the powder cup trough. You should apply force to fill the pressure evenly. Then you can press the button to get the coffee liquid. The steps of this coffee machine are rather complicated. The full-automatic one only needs to set the amount of coffee you want in advance. Pressurization and temperature control, etc. are all automatic processing. Just press a single button and you can easily enjoy a cup of pure espresso at any time.

If you don't want to drink instant coffee, and you want to drink stable and pure coffee, the lazy artifact of capsule coffee machine is suitable. Just press the brewing key lightly, and a cup of strong-aroma coffee can be quickly put in place. There is a coffee machine IPERESPRESSO. It is owned by Illy, a well-known coffee brand. Its biggest selling point is Illy's exclusive blending and baking formula. It provides blending capsules with deep culture, medium culture, caffeine and Lungo, as well as four kinds of single coffee from different producing areas. However, there are not many fancy coffee options.

French Press is a simple brewing device consisting of a heat-resistant glass bottle body (or transparent plastic) and a metal filter screen with a pressure bar. Usage: The essence of coffee is released by soaking through the stewing method of full contact and soaking between water and coffee powder.

I believe you can have a certain understanding of the coffee machine! Then choose the one you like best.

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