Install the Oven in the Kitchen Need to Pay Attention to These 8 points

The oven is becoming more and more popular among young people. For example, you can occasionally bake some snacks at home. When come to relatives and friends, you can show cooking skills to them. Or to upgrade the level of life and add a little flavor, which is good. Therefore, when decorating the new house, many people will choose to install the oven. But not everyone knows what to pay attention to when installing an oven in the kitchen. Therefore, many people find it inconvenient to use after decorating the oven. So what should you pay attention to when installing an oven in the kitchen?

Let's take the more recommended embedded ovens as an example. We can explore how to choose that.
1. Please confirm the location of the oven installed in your kitchen. Confirm the specific size and height of the oven. And the space needed to open the oven should also be reserved.
2. Confirm whether you want to buy a gas oven or an electric oven.
3. Make sure you want a hot air convection oven. It includes a fan and a circular electric heating pipe. This oven can bake more food at a time and cook more evenly.
4. Choose a self-cleaning or standard oven. Self-cleaning is usually very expensive. The self-cleaning cycle not only takes a long time, but also consumes electricity.
5. Considering other cleaning functions. For example, removable doors, thermal insulation cotton at the top of walls, etc.
6. Check whether the fan blade is very noisy at work. Preferably less than 45 decibels. The range hood is very noisy. If you add an oven, too much noise will affect people's lives.
7. The temperature in the center of the oven door is very high when the oven is working. For families with babies, high temperatures can pose safety risks.
8. Make sure the oven lamp in the cavity is bright enough to see the food in the cavity.

The above eight points are what you need to pay attention to. After selecting the oven, the installation is also very important. Five-hole sockets should be reserved in advance to change the electricity in the kitchen. Make sure the oven is powered on at the shortest distance. Avoid long-distance sockets or long-distance patch boards. Use a 16A socket with a wire diameter of more than 2.5 mm. All ventilation holes or vents should not be covered. Otherwise, it will have a certain impact on the performance of the oven.

The oven should be installed smoothly. And ensure that the cabinet floor must be capable of bearing at least 60kg. The material should be able to withstand a high temperature of more than 100 ℃. Therefore, it is best not to install in hanging cabinets and other places. Especially for families with children, this installation will cause safety risks. The circuit, ventilation and heat sink of the embedded oven should be treated with special layout. There should be a safe distance between cabinets and electrical appliances. And ensure the safe operation of electrical appliances in a small space.

What you need to pay attention to when installing an oven in the kitchen? From the early selection to the installation points for attention, it can only be for your reference. Specifically, it is decided according to the actual situation of one's own family. If you also have a plan to get an oven, you can refer to the above points.

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